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FIR Lumbar Cushion

Fir Lumbar Cushion

FIR Lumbar Cushion Presentation

The FIR Lumbar Cushion is an ergonomically designed lumbar support pillow made with high resilient polyurethane material and provides far infrared technology, vibrating massage and penetrating heat. The pillow conforms to the lower back to align posture, help prevent and relieve back pain and maintain kidney function.
The FIR Lumbar Cushion is equipped with Far Infrared strips on each side of the pillow. Lumbar support with heated massage and far infrared work together providing pain relief, corrected posture and optimized kidney function.
Spinal Conditions Related to Neck and Back Pain

Arthritis of the Spine – Bone Spurs – Bulging Disc – Degenerative Disc Disease Facet Disease – Stenosis – Herniated Disc – Pinched Nerve – Sciatica – Spinal Stenosis
Far Infrared Rays (FIR) The FIR Lumbar Cushion utilizes far infrared technology to expand capillaries which assist in increased blood flow and circulation.Heating Conductor
The FIR Lumbar Cushion features a heating conductor that offers soothing relief to sore muscles and joints and can reach a temperature of up to 113ºF.

Vibrating Massage
The FIR Lumbar Cushion consists of two individual motors to help relieve lower back pain, improve circulation and proper function to the kidneys.

Ergonomic Design
The FIR Lumbar Cushion was specifically engineered to adequately support the muscles and skeletal structure of the lower back and supports good posture in individuals.

A Combination of Excellence
The FIR Lumbar Cushion is equipped with Far Infrared strips on each side of the pillow.
Lumbar support with heated massage and far infrared work together to provide pain relief, correct posture and optimize kidney function.

The FIR Lumbar Cushion is Suitable for…

Office Workers
Ideal for those who spend long hours behind a desk.

Women Aids in the relief of pain and discomfort associated with menstrual cramps.
Ideal for post pregnant mothers. Provides soothing relief to the pelvic region.

Relieves muscle pain caused by poor blood circulation and inactivity.

Students and Teenagers
Supports good posture and proper spinal alignment during adolescence.

Provides an excellent source of relief while driving.
Ideal for long commutes and road trips.

Athletes and Laborers
Helps relieve soreness and lower back pain after physical training or hard labor.


  • Power Supply: DC 12V Input
  • Power: <20W
  • Parameter: Revolution 4000rpm
  • Temperature 108-113ºF
  • Dimensions: 13” x 14” x 3” (L x W x H inches)
  • Accessories: Auto DC Car Adaptor / Charger

Palm Massager With Heat

Palm Massager with Heat

Relieve stress with this light-weight, hand-held massager that fits in the palm of your hand.  the fingertip speed control lever lets you easily adjust the pressure to the desired intensity level and let you direct the massage to specific pressure points.  attachments include a pinpoint massager for targeted relief and a heat function to relax sore muscles. the ergonomically designed massager fits comfortably in your hand and comes with a convenient adjustable strap.  it’s the best way to eliminate stool retention and break down fat with 3,000 pulses per minute.

Penetrating percussion action in palm-sized massager
Personal massager with soothing heat function
Puts stress relief in the palm of your hand

Fingertip speed control
Convenient strap design

Main Benefits:
Use of the massager after exercise helps relieving muscle tension, relief stress and recovers more quickly from tension and fatigue

How to use:

Make sure the power is off and plug-in the power cord into the power socket
Placing your hand through the Velcro strip and turn the power “on”.
Adjust the message intensity with speed slide switch.
massage with Thermal heat: Adjust power switch to the (Massage + Heat) mode.
When finished massage: move the power switch to “off” position and unplug power cord from the power socket.

The Fir Pad

Fir Pad and Box

The FIR PAD generates high temperatures rapidly through heating with high-tech high density galvanothermy carbon wire. The highest temperature reaches 131°F. It rapidly dredges superficial venules, activates cells and comforts the body.

The FIR PAD is very efficient in physiotherapy. The key ingredient to the FIR pad is its utilization of Far Infrared technology which has been scientifically proven to expand capillaries which can assist in increased blood flow and circulation.

The FIR PAD is suitable for those suffering from all types of physical aches and pains. The FIR PAD is ideal for temporary relief of pain caused by poor posture in the office, athletes suffering from sports injuries and laborers. Soft and flexible, the FIR PAD conforms to any part of the body and is easy to use!

Power Eyes Vibrating Message

Power eyes HTE Power Eyes is a unique device that utilizes air pressure, heat compress, and a vibrating message that can improve blood circulation in the eye area. The metabolism process round the eyes, is also sped up, using this deep therapy. Power Eyes can also help prevent eye disease, aging, and can also eliminate dark circles and fine wrinkles around the eyes. It can also help with getting a good nights sleep.

  • Eyeshade:
  • Auto – adjustment on eyeshade to the shape of the face (thin, wide, short, and long)

  • Internal Low Pressure Air Bag:
  • Safe and quiet low pressure air pump massages the eyes without pushing down on them.

  • Micro – Computer Digital Programming: Precise micro-computer programming allows for 15,10, and 5 minute intervals for use.
  • Nano- Energy Eyeshade:
  • Precise anti-bacterial Far Infrared heat and anions

  • Air Pressure + Thermal Heat:
  • Option to select different seismic vibration modes- Rub, Pich, Press, & Auto (combination of all 3) with Air Pressure and Heath (starting from 104 °F to 109 °F)

You contain the mask body around your face, while holding and adjusting the strap behind your head as needed.

Gorden C.H. Pan Founder and Chairman of HTE

Gratitude, Gratefulness,
Be the Master of You Own Life.

Chairman Founder of HTE International Gordon Pan

Gorden C.H. Pan, Founder and Chairman of HTE, started his research into health technology in 1990. His goal was to create a healthier lifestyle for people by combining modern technology, energy therapy, ergonomics, and bioelectricity with Eastern Chi Theory, Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, and ancient treatments.


After years of research, Chairman Pan developed very unique products for the home and office including the Chi Machine, Far Infrared HotHouse, ERER (Electro Reflex Energizer), Nutrition Supplement, and the concept of “SOQI Total Health Management.” This is a unique system of Motion, Thermal, Electric and Nutritional Energy has been shown to improve the quality of life with relaxing and soothing Far Infrared Heat (HotHouse), and healthy Reflexology (ERE) along with the gentle movement of the Chi Machine.

These innovative health management concepts have proven to be so popular, that our customers, out of sheer joy and excitement, have shared these new concepts with all of their friends and family. Not only are they enjoying the personal lifestyle changes that the SOQI Chi Spa brings, many are supporting their families with extra income they earn by telling others about this new health technology. In appreciation, we share our assets with them simply because we care about bringing health, beauty, and wealth into every family throughout the world.

Our well-established organizational culture, efficient company operation, matured marketing strategy, and well-funded company resources will establish HTE as a global distribution giant. When we pass on the “SOQI Total Health Management” concept to others, we will eventually make this world a better place to be. To improve the quality of our lives by combining innovative health technologies and ancient treatments, while bringing wealth and wellness to families throughout the world is our main task. We are thankful to our communities all over the world for making SOQI a popular brand to use!


HTE Mission Statement :
To bring health, beauty,
and wealth into every family throuthout the world.

The Goldfish Motion…

The Goldfish Motion

Dr. Shizuo Inoue and Founder, Chairman of HTE Gorden C.H.  PanDr. Shizuo Inoue worked along-side other researchers in developing an easily portable device that was able to duplicate the gentle “figure 8″, motion that a fish makes in the water. this motion also provides humans with a gentle message.

Now a legendary anecdote in the industry, the history behind Dr. Inoue and how he observed a goldfish, and it’s free-swimming motion, while stationary, in a steady and relaxed form of oxygenation, that began the Chi Machine which has sold over 1,000,000 units. How a fish gets oxygenated is when there is a combination of rhythmic muscle contractions that stimulate the autonomic nerves in the spinal column. This type of oxygenation applies to 4 legged animals and to men and women as well. When Dr. Inoue and his team further studied this phenomenon, they realized that there was a particular rate of oscillation in a well-defined range of motion that had to be obtained for optimal oxygenation of the human body, just as the human body has it’s own unique frequency ranges. 

The Chi Machine was granted a Japanese medical patent for this specific theory and research. This convenient, portable machine that was the size of typewriter eventually evolved from this research. Dr. Inoue used his 38 years of experience and expertise, along with significant clinical research and tested this on a large group of human subjects. This, in turn, created a unique product that required  narrowly defined specifications across the entire machine, including machine height, the speed, degree of side-to-side movement, the angle of that movement, and especially the unique fish-like movement of the entire body.  

And now we have the Original Chi Machine. The Founder, Mr. Pan is considered the first and only businessman that has distributed this product on a world-wide basis and with exclusive distribution rights from the manufacturer. The Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine carries multiple patents. There are other products that have also been created by HTE that support health and wellness. There are also several nutritional products that are designed to enhance and support the Original Chi Machine and the Far Infrared Hothouse.

Note: Some of the information in the HTE Story and Overview was extracted from“Aerobic Respiration Exercise and Health” by Dr. Shizuo Inoue.

Kiko Ellsworth Well Known Actor ,Soap Opera Star, and Producer

Kiko Ellsworth Well Known Actor ,Soap Opera Star, and ProducerKiko Ellsworth Well Known Actor ,Soap Opera Star, and Producer, starring in the 2010 release of “Tekken”, Model USA, People Magazine “25 Hottest Bachelors” June 2003 after the popular video game, uses the Chi Machine daily, due to chronic backpain:
“I had chronic low back pain for years from two car accidents in which I was rear ended. The first time I used the Chi  Machine, my pain disappeared! Now I use my Chi Machine daily, once in the morning and once at night. It keeps my back strong and pain free. I’ve also discovered that I’m more energized, I feel great emotionally, and I’m more focused in my work and at home.”

The Chi Machine loosens the muscles around the spinal column giving relief from pain and discomfort.

The Doctors Tv Show on the Chi Machine

The Doctors TV series 20010 on the Chi Machine

The Doctors Demonstrate the Chi Machine  Michael Yang MD is a doctor of oriental medicine and uses the Chi Machine with his clients. The Chi Machine works through a persons Lymphatic system, and people with Lymphodemia use the Sun Ancon Chi Machine to Detox their body. This same principle works for everyone. Fibromalgia patient Sarah Kate gives her testimonial over the video to the Doctors, while the Doctors try out the Chi Machine. There are numerous testimonials from professional doctors as well, as patients on this site.

Hunter Tylo: Soap Opera Actress

Hunter Tylo Soap Opera ActressHunter Tylo, Soap Opera Actress, USA, Infomercial Spokesperson, December 2004

Hunter Tylo presents THE within a segmented infomercial, highlighting technological products and financial opportunities. The infomercial may be seen on CNBC, Tech TV, Style Network and the Fine Living Network. Read about it here and check for TV air dates –

The Original Chi Machine On Hunter Tylo’s Life & Leisure Show

Solomon Haumono Heavy Weight Boxer-Professional Rugby Player

Solomon Haumono

World Class Athlete,

Solomon Haumonos and the Chi MachineName: Solomon HaumonoAlias: SoloBorn: 1975-10-13 (Age:34)Birthplace: Auckland, New ZealandNationality: AustralianHometown: Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaBoxing Record: clickStance: OrthodoxHeight: 6′ 2″   /   188cmReach: 74″   /   188cmTrainer: Johnny Lewis


Solomon Haumono, Australia

Solomon Haumono, heavyweight boxer and Australian rugby league star athlete, declares that he incorporates eight minute Chi Machine sessions before and after every daily training workout. The interview with Solomon Haumono was published by The Daily Telegraph on 27th December, 2001.