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Our Bodies Need Oxygen to Function Properly

One of the main rules of human physiology is the 3, 3 & 3 rule: Our bodies survive without food for three weeks, without water for three days, and without oxygen for only 3 minutes…To increase our energy, our bodies have to get oxygen , and 90% of that energy is supplied by the oxygen it will get from our environment. The rest of the energy, 10%, is extracted from food and water.

The atmosphere of the Earth  is close to 21% oxygen level  at this time  . Just a few hundred years ago, our atmospheric oxygen levels were at around 35%.  The figure  21% is taken at the center of the ocean-our actual oxygen count in most of our cities are closer to 15-18%.

While people are able to adapt to certain environmental changes, our bodies can’t keep up with the decline in oxygen levels. We have seen greater numbers in cancer and disease, and even though life spans are longer, living longer comes with it’s own difficulties, because  our bodies still age  and the effects of aging are still significant. This being the case, less oxygen does not help us.

According to research done at the University of Toronto, in their Physical Education and Health and Department of Public Health Sciences, showing that, while we are aging the deterioration rate continues , and the rate of our ability to absorb oxygen deteriorates as well . The study also shows that a good aerobic workout, can “reduce the individuals biological age by 10 years”, “prolonging independance by a similar amount”. Keeping our bodies fit helps us with aging, and mantaining our bodies systems properly, keeps oxygen circulating and is essential  our well-being and health.

Oxygen is very vital in our daily living. People with  emphysema suffer from the ability of their lungs to extract oxygen, and eventually many have to use pure oxygen to allow them to function.

We also need an abundant supply of oxygen in sports  , and the ability to improve oxygen levels to our muscles and organs to function is essential, lower oxygen means a greater reduced performance .

Walking also increases the potential of our body to intake oxygen. The continual working of our legs while exercising, and working our calf muscles, allow blood to be pumped through our entire body  , gives our heart a workout, which is a musclular organ. The action of walking also helps to lower LDL, or “bad” cholesterol levels and to increase our HDL, or “good” cholesterol levels in our body. Walking  also increases the blood circulation to our brain, carrying both oxygen and glucose to our brain.

Aerobic exercise increases the bodies ability to absorb and distribute oxygen. If we keep a good exercise regimen we can help to prolong our lives in a manner that allows for fewer health problems.

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