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Chi Machine Testimonials

Dr. Robert Groves, DD, ThD, ND Diplomate

Lymphatics, Energy, Chronic Conditions, Physician

I originally purchased this machine to see if it would do all that it claims. It did. I have advanced training in the Dr. Vodder Manual Lymphatic Technique, Chagnon Lymphatic Work, Chapman reflex lymphatics and traditional lymphatic drainage in addition to over twenty other forms of therapy and 25 years of private practice.

This machine can effectively increase circulation and drainage of lymph fluid (edema) in fifteen minutes as can manually be performed in about an hour. As a physician, this saves me a tremendous amount of time to serve other patients. It relieves many musculoskeletal symptoms of chronic pain and unstable joints due to interstitial congestion, soft and osseous adhesions, and toxification.

This is a great help to any Naturopathic, Osteopathic or Chiropractic physician in their work as well as physical therapists, massage therapists, or anyone practicing the manipulative arts.

I have studied the effects of oxygen therapies for several years and have had reservations with some of the forms of application in expense, side effects and access for most patients. The Sun aerobic exerciser eliminates the restrictions of high expense, most toxic side effects, and access to the procedure by allowing affordable purchase.

It provides a daily conditioning of the respiratory system resulting in increased oxygen intake by the blood and utilization by the tissues. It has shown helpful for most all musculoskeletal conditions, respiratory conditions, and infections. Any disease condition will be aided with this machine that responds favorably to increased oxygen in the tissues including cancer, fibromyalgia, etc.

I have found that most clients will use this machine on a regular basis providing them with aerobic conditioning and no impact trauma damage to the joints, or stress to the heart and circulatory vessels. This provides a toning of all muscles, rise in metabolism facilitating weight loss and reshaping of the body.

I have increased my efficiency at work by 30% and reduced my need for sleep to about six hours from resting on the machine only 15 minutes every other day. I also have had several growths drop off my body with no return. One of these growths has been there for forty years!

With warm regards,

- Dr. Robert Groves

Dr. John M. Buckler, DC

Lymphatics, Chronic Fatigue, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Chiropractors

Lynn & I wanted to drop you a line to let you know just how much we appreciate our Chi Machine. Lynn is now up to 6 minutes 2 times a day. She is enjoying an increase in range of motion as well as improved energy throughout the day.

Being Doctors of Chiropractic, we have spent many thousands of dollars researching health related equipment. The Chi Machine qualifies as one of the most important modalities that we have tested over the past 10 years.

In our opinions, the reason for this is that it mobilizes the lymphatic drainage of the body. This is critically important as Dr. Gaston Naessens from France has shown that in cancer and other chronic degenerative illnesses, the lymphatic system becomes all clogged up, like gelatin instead of freely flowing.

Given our training in Applied Kinesiology and my current disability of 5 years from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and Immune Dysfunction secondary to chemical injury, we have been acutely aware of my need for improved lymphatic function. In fact, Lynn and I were spending about I hour a day using AK methods and a modification of the Vodder massage technique from Europe just to keep my lymphatic drainage working.

Since the arrival of the Chi Machine, I have been using it I 1/2 minutes one to two times a day. Amazingly, during this time, my lymphatic drainage has continued to work with no other treatment by Lynn or myself. That is truly incredible! Needless to say, I have been thinking and feeling better.

Thank you again for introducing us to the Chi Machine. It has already been a major contributing factor to our health and well being.


- John M. Buckler, DC

Dr. David Morris, DC

Range of Motion, Chronic Pain, Aura Photography, Chiropractor

I’d like to share my personal experiences as well as some clinical applications with the “Chi Machine” over the last few months. When I first started using the “Chi Machine” I was suffering from an acute right tennis elbow.

The pain in my right elbow made it very difficult to lift moderately heavy objects, and made it necessary to wear a support on my right forearm. After twelve days of using the “Chi Machine” twice daily for 10 minutes a session, I played three sets of tennis without wearing my forearm support.

At the conclusion of the match I realized that I had played two hours of tennis without the forearm support. This would have been impossible prior to using the “Chi Machine“. Needless to say, I was delighted with the reduced irritation that had been apparent in my right elbow.

My wife also had begun to use the “Chi Machine” at the same time I did. She had been bothered with a restricted range of motion in her left hip for over 50 years. During this time she had never been able to cross her left leg over and rest it on her right thigh and observe the sole of her left foot.

After approximately 15 sessions on the “Chi Machine” she found that she was able to perform the maneuver of crossing her left leg over on her right thigh and actually observe the sole of her left foot. Prior to the “Chi Machine” she had indulged in yoga, had chiropractic adjustments and did a variety of stretching exercises, all to no avail.

A patient that had been in a serious automobile accident ten years prior, had experienced a 45% reduction in his cervical range of motion. I placed him on the “Chi Machine” for 5 minutes to see how he would respond. After 5 minutes on the machine he was able to move his head to a greater degree than he had in 10 years. He was very impressed with his increased range of motion and relaxed sensation he had in his cervical area.

The 89 year old wife of my ex associate, had fallen down a flight of stairs and had fortunately not fractured any bones, but experienced severe pain in both shoulders and upper thoracic spine. After 6 months she was still experiencing chronic pain and could not find any relief until she tried the “Chi Machine“.

The first session of 5 minutes on the “Chi Machine” she felt 80% reduction of pain she had been experiencing in her shoulders and thoracic spine. She now owns her own “Chi Machine” and uses it on a regular basis. In my brief experience with the “Chi Machine” the results with a variety of conditions has been very remarkable.

I have been particularly impressed with the rapid response of chronic conditions when the “Chi Machine” is used on a regular daily basis to change and impact the bodies physiological and neurological functions.

All the best,

- David Morris., DC

Larry, Martha & Jeffery Wolf

Traumatic Injury, Asthma, Weight Loss

I wish to Thank you for introducing the Chi Machine to myself, my wife and especially my son Jeffrey. Four years ago Jeffrey was in a severe car accident which was caused by him having a cerebral hemorrhage. It left the left side of his brain completely damaged and the right side of his body paralyzed. He was in a coma for 6 weeks.

For 2 1/2 years he was in a wheelchair and fully supported by us to retrain him. It’s been very timely and tedious working with him 24 hours a day. At this point the doctors said his balance would never be the same and he would never be able to walk backwards again.

We have him at Easter Seal Rehab now and he has been there for 1 1/2 years, and we are seeing small improvement all the time. He is still going to UC Davis Medical Group every 6 months for a check up until they will release him.

After talking with you about the Chi Machine and coming over and using it, the next day we brought Jeffrey over. We put him on the machine for 2 minutes, making sure he was comfortable, then put him on for another 5 minutes. When the machine shut off, Jeffrey had a large smile on his face and said “Wow”. I asked him how he felt and he wanted to do more.

He was feeling tingling all over his body in places where he said he had no feeling. When he was pointing to the back of his head, he said a lump he had was gone, and to this day has remained gone. When he got up he was happy, he said he felt great and he had a Big Smile! I asked my son if he wanted this machine, the answer was “yes”.

We purchased it. Every time he uses it he has this Big Smile! We don’t have to remind him to use the Chi Machine. He looks forward to it every day. This machine has helped to make him more independent , and that really helps us.

After using the Chi Machine, for only three weeks, he is not only walking forward better, but is able to walk backwards in a figure eight or circle, with no problem or help, which his doctors said would be impossible because of his balance, but it has also made it possible for him to move his leg and arm better. It created a better balance throughout his whole body and he uses the machine twice a day 10 minutes at a time.

I highly recommend this machine to anyone that has had any kind of head trauma or paralyzation, to get the circulation through the paralyzed section, because this is what it has done for my son. He also had a deep purple discoloration from his toes almost all the way to his knee, on his right leg, from lack of circulation, which has completely disappeared.

My wife has lost a lot of weight, it has completely toned her stomach, given her lots of energy, varicose veins are disappearing, and so are aches and pains. My asthma has been helped tremendously, I have not had to use my inhaler at all.


- Larry, Martha and Jeffrey W.

John Kranick

Long Term Pain, Low Energy

I was introduced to Julia who mentioned she was a representative for the Chi Machine.

For the last 9 months I have had a kink in my neck on the right side and lower back pain due to it, as well as weakness in my hands and arms , I was in desperate need of a solution as my work requires lifting. I’m 40 but moved like I was 90. I had been to a number of Chiropractors who would get rid of the kink for a few days, but it always returned, same with massage, I couldn’t afford it every day and the relief was fleeting.

I requested more info from Julia ,but was interested in the machine ,not being a distributor or so I thought.I had to go to Colorado the following week and decided to look more into it when I got back. Everything went well work wise,but my neck and back were even worse when I got back. I needed some relief and quickly.

It came down to joining the local Y.M.C.A Spa membership for $500 for 1 year and try to swim it out or the Chi Machine. Thank heaven I made the right choice and picked the Chi machine which I ordered by credit card over the phone the 4th and received Friday the 6th of November. Here are the results:

Friday-1st use- 5 minutes, second- 10 minutes, third -10 minutes before bed, kink in neck relieved, back tender but no pain, hands, arms sore ,but feeling returning.

Saturday-4th upon rising-10 minutes,5th -10 minutes,6th- 10 minutes before bed. kink in neck GONE, Back pain GONE, hand-arm pain GONE. Slept like a baby and when I woke up Sunday morning I had no pain in my neck or back , the first time in 9 months.

I have continued the 3- 10 minute a day sessions since and have continued to stay pain free with increased energy.

Please also understand I have had a very bad cold during this time (run down), and have been living on Chinese -Won ton soup and fresh juice and have experienced none of the joint, muscle pain I normally do with a cold, or the blood sugar swings I normally would get when having a cold and eating this way.

Julia, I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Your friend for life,

- John Kranick

Martin Riendl

Major Back Injury, Sleeping Problems

I wanted to write to the HTEUSA folks to tell you about an amazing experience I have had with the Sun Ancon Chi Machine. I had a terrible snowmobile accident on February 3, in which I broke 18 bones, punctured my lung, as well as incurring several other injuries.

Three of the bones I broke were the transverse process vertebrae in my lower back. You couldn’t imagine the pain and it has taken me a long time to heal. My back has been very puffy and swollen and sore every day since and I still experience a great deal of pain each day depending on what kind of activities I’m involved in. I thought I was going to have this kind of pain for the rest of my life.

What is quite amazing to me is that I began using the Chi Machine just two weeks ago and both the swelling and the pains are totally gone!

I’m an avid golfer. I try to get on the course as often as I can, although I must take a cart. I’m still in a lot of pain after a game, but I put up with it since I love the game. Several days ago I was feeling so well that I played 18 holes and carried my clubs! Absolutely fabulous as there was no pain.

In addition I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to get some real sleep. This past few weeks have been the first time since the accident that I have finally slept all the way through the night.

I am convinced that my return to health is the direct result of the Sun Ancon Chi Machine. Thank you for this wonderful device that has made such a difference in my life.


- Martin Riendl

Thomas A. Burgess

Chronic Lower Back Pain

I have suffered from lower back pain for several years. I visited an orthopedic specialist who recommended surgery, but as my wife and I had planned an auto trip to Canada, I decided against any surgery until after the trip.

However, as I had undergone two open heart surgeries, my cardiologist discouraged back surgery, stating that my heart condition may make another surgery somewhat risky and may be worse for me than back pain that I may have to suffer without undergoing a back operation.

Sometime later, a friend visited my wife and me on the occasion of our fiftieth wedding anniversary celebration and inquired about my health. He then told us about a new machine he called an “aerobic exerciser” which stimulated oxygenation of the blood, and was giving many back pain sufferers decided relief. This friend sent us some interesting literature about this “Chi Machine” . We were given a demonstration and we were pleased with what we learned.

We purchased this interesting machine and after only two months of use I have been almost totally relieved of lower back pain. I am delighted with the health improvement I am enjoying, and would not dream of giving up my “Chi” exerciser. My wife and I both feel invigorated by its use and look forward to the many benefits promised for its continued use!

Yours very truly,

- Thomas A. Burgess

P.S. The “Down-side” of my back improvement, is that I now have to turn in my very convenient handicap-parking permit!

Cheri Enfield

Chronic Back Pain, Migraine Headaches, Weight Loss

The “Chi Machine” is the best thing I have ever done for myself in years!

Twenty-eight years ago I was pregnant with my first child and I weighed 99lbs. The baby grew to 9 lbs. in less than 9 months! As she grew, my bones were softening to get ready for delivery, my back swayed inward, I carried 40 extra pounds in my stomach and I started to waddle as well!

After having a C-section to deliver my baby, I got a migraine that lasted 10 days, and I have suffered for the past 28 years thereafter. After my second child, I gained weight and my figure continually became pear-shaped and sedentary. I would spend 3 to 6 days in bed every other week for years. Then, 5 years agao, the migraines started happening every week, so I spent more time in bed. I weigh 165 lbs. now, and I feel as though I slept through my life.

Meanwhile, my dad was diagnosed with cancer and severe emphysema. A friend brought over the “Chi Machine” for him. I tried it myself for 2 minutes and it was very difficult for me to stay on my back any longer. When I got up, I had a slight headache, but one Tylenol took care of it. That headache was different because any slight headache becomes a migraine in my life.

The next day I tried it again for 2 minutes and once again, a slight headache, but no migraine. I was reminded that any natural healing is libel to get worse before there are any results. My neck muscles were sore and I could hear crackling in my neck. The vertibrae at the base of my skull was moving! I have had a number of chiropractors and massage therapists try to move my vertebrae over the years. They were not successful. Now it’s moving!

I then bought a “Chi Machine” for myself and continued to use it. I had to tell everyone that I made one mistake of trying to “work through the pain” only once. I can now tell you, if your muscles hurt, cut your time in half just like the book says, and start slower. I have been using the “Chi Machine” for 4 months, and have not had another migraine for the past 2 months!

The last migraine I experienced, I challenged it as a woman, and I worked up to 15 minutes a day. Now I am doing 4 minutes in the morning, and 6 minutes at night. Every joint in my body is loose and moving the right way! I am also walking well for the first time in 28 years, and I can lie on my back for over an hour! I don’t recall how much I weigh, but I don’t feel heavy like before.

I can wear a belt, and it doesn’t look like a ribbon on a box! I’ve had a pain in my tail bone for the past month that is subsiding now. The “Chi Machine” has helped me start walking right and feeling more like myself everyday. I want to tell everyone that I feel like “Rip Van Winkle!” All my friends are noticing my improvements and want a “Chi Machine” too! I want to thank Rick, Armstrong Marketing, HTEUSA for making this machine just like Dr. Shizuo Inoue M.D. invented.

Thank you for giving me my life back!

- Cheri Enfield

Randy Mack

Back Pain, Copy Cat Machines

I would like to share a personal experience regarding an issue that I know many of you have to deal with regularly regarding the Chi Machine. Potential customers were asking me about the cheaper copycat machines available. I have seen ads for three different ones so far, but what most people have seen is the one on TV for $98! I asked people in my upline about it and was told several things:

One: that they were violating our patents and our lawyers are going after them

Two: the machines move too fast and can injure people

Three: they are made so cheaply that they don’t last.

I could believe all of that, but I still wanted to know the truth for myself, so I ordered one.

It arrived, I unpacked it, and it looked pretty much like our machine, although I could see that the connections of the cords and the fastenings of the case were cheaper. I set it up next to the Chi Machine, and turned it on. It is true that the copycat goes faster than the Chi Machine, but it didn’t appear to be a lot faster.

The copycat’s timer makes an annoying buzz continuously while on, and the unit itself makes a louder grinding kind of sound while in operation. Its instructions say not to use it for more than 15 minutes at a time, and to let it rest for at least 30 minutes between uses, and not to use it in any kind of commercial application.

I wanted to be fair so I tried the copycat first for a minute and then switched to the Chi Machine and back and forth again. The copycat hurt my back — I could hardly believe it! I mean just a minute or so on it twice and my low back felt strained and bothered me for the rest of the day (more on that later) I wanted to stay on the copycat machine for at least ten minutes but I just couldn’t make myself do that.

It felt too harsh and jarring to my body. I had another person try the copycat machine and he said that it felt harsher than the Chi Machine. He used it for 10 minutes and while it didn’t hurt his back, he did notice that he didn’t get any of the Chi Rush he gets from using the Chi Machine.

Then I had an engineer friend of mine come over and we opened up both machines. They are both very similar in layout as far where the motor is and appearance of the drive mechanism for the footrest. He pointed out a number of things. He said it was typical of a cheap reverse engineered knock-off unit.

The motor housing was cheaply made and open; the clearance between the motor and the moving parts was sloppy; and the piece that transfers the power from the motor to the moving shaft is plastic rather than steel as in the Chi Machine. He didn’t think it would last very long.

Okay so there I am with a low back that was strained by very short time on the copycat machine, when I have spent 15-20 minutes at a time on the Chi Machine from my first day and never experienced any problems at all.

Well — that afternoon my Hot House arrived and I read the literature about it helping with muscle strains, et cetera so I lay under it and guess what — my low back strain suddenly, well within 15 minutes, was almost totally gone. Thank you Hsin Ten.


- Randy Mack

Carol Gail Gaylor

Chronic Sciatica, Skin Cancer, Energy, Sinuses

In my 30 year search for Holistic Alternatives I have been so patronized, compromised, disappointed and wasted so much time and money on worthless products and services that I have become an ultimate skeptic. I now research everything to the deepest level.

When my daughter, Lori Lee Ward, introduced me to your Sun Ancon Chi Machine, my first negative comment was, “Lori, how will you ever convince someone to pay $460 for something when we both have to work so hard to convince someone to pay $29 for a supplement? Eighty percent of the people do not buy the supplement, and if they do buy it they quit using it in just a few months.” Lori said, “Mom, the machine sells itself. Nine out of ten people love it and start making arrangements to purchase one the very first time they use it.” I said “Yeah right!” in total skepticism.

So I tried it and felt the tingling sensation and still managed to maintain my negative attitude for several months, because to me, it felt like hanging onto a lawn mower. Lori, who I affectionately nicknamed “Foxy Locks”, kept “baiting the hook” by informing me of the unusual and remarkable health benefits mutual friends and relatives, were experiencing. I would verify these statements by talking to the person myself. Well, guess what? My dear daughter, “Foxy Locks”, hooked me!

Partially convinced, and feeling a small, insecure ray of hope, I jumped “on” with both feet and ordered both the Sun Ancon Chi Machine and the Far Infared HotHouse in February of 1998. So far, this has been one of the BEST INVESTMENTS I HAVE EVER MADE. I am now the proud owner of three Sun Ancon Chi Machines. One is for myself and my “hubby” Norman, one is for demonstration and one is for the road.

In a few weeks the Sun Ancon Chi Machine assisted my body in raising its oxygen levels, and the total movement of all areas of my body resulted in the disappearance of chronic sciatica and a more flexible neck and spine. I have had scoliosis since childhood and my spine is becoming straighter.

Within two weeks of beginning the Far Infrared HotHouse, I noticed that a large, stubborn skin cancer, which had been resisting all holistic approaches, looked different. In six weeks it was gone without a trace. I now take the HotHouse to bed. I use it one to two house each night, beginning late in the afternoon, before bed.

I intend to purchase one or two more Far Infrared HotHouse so I can cover my whole body at one time. My eyes, skin and my sinus are all improving. My sinuses don’t bother me anymore. I wake up with my eyes all stuck together with old mucus and expelled crystals. This is a very welcome and exciting experience for me because I understand cleansing effects.

Since I have been using both of these units faithfully everyday, I have transcended to a very apparent, higher level of health. I had extensive energy blocks and it took me several months to experience dramatic changes. Now, here is the best part! When I use either the Sun Ancon Chi Machine or the FIR HotHouse and I close my eyes and concentrate on pleasant thoughts, I see, for the first time in my life, beautiful, vivid, fluorescent combinations of color which I know is the movement of energy.

This is a rewarding and elevating experience. Also, for the first time in 30 years, I can truthfully say that I feel energized after using the Hothouse. For me, this is a miracle! Do you know that “zip” that people talk about when they drink coffee or take supplements, etc? I have never felt that until now. I have noticed more incremental improvements in my health. I found out that in Asia the Chi Machine and HotHouse are used at the same time, because you feel more “Chi” in your body, so now I use both units together and the results are phenomenal.

“Foxy Locks” and I also demonstrate them together. WOW! I know that I have found the “Proverbial” fountains of youth, the Far Infrared HotHouse and the Sun Ancon Aerobic Exerciser. These two healing modalities can certainly assist anyone in their efforts to maintain their bodily functions, dignity and positive effects of all other supplemental health programs.

Thank you,

“Health is Wealth”

- Carol Gail Gaylor

Rev. Nancy Wyatt

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Weight Loss, Varicose Vein, Chronic Pain

I’m In Luv!!! I have discovered a life changing – perhaps life saving – exerciser that actually lives up to its claim that “It does the work. You get the benefit.” It works by greatly enhancing the distribution of oxygen and blood flow throughout the body, thereby changing your metabolic rate, and rejuvenating every aspect of your body, while you just lie on the floor (resting your ankles on the machine), breathe deeply, and think happy thoughts for fifteen minutes! It is great for people who don’t have time or want to exercise or who are self-conscious about their bodies and want privacy. I would not have believed it, had I not experienced it myself!

Since at least 1990, I have suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. At first, I thought it was just exhaustion from working a 40 hour week and another 40 or more hours in the same week doing volunteer work at a shelter for homeless people. (I had done that every week since 1987.) But, in 1992, I discontinued most of that volunteer work and my community service work. Yet, in 1994, I had become so ill that quite literally my consciousness left my body. I lost so much weight, people started the rumor that I had AIDS.

I constantly needed to sleep for 4-6 hours after having been awake for only five minutes. It has been a very slow recovery. Every day – no matter how scorching hot and sultry humid – no matter how frigid the winter – I have had to go to my car and sleep during my lunch hour in order to make it through the rest of the afternoon’s work. And, I have done that, since at least 1990, even while fearing that sleeping in the parking lot could cost me my job. Still, it was necessary.

Until I got this “chi machine“… Almost immediately, I did not HAVE to take a nap during my lunch hour! In fact, if I tried to, I could not go to sleep! I suddenly had sufficient energy to get through the whole day at work and an entire evening of work at home, and the energy was alive and evenly distributed throughout the day! It feels just like a miracle! Here’s Another Miracle: On the fifth day, I discovered I had lost 1/2 inch in my chest, waist, and hops, and THREE inches in my abdomen!!!… you know, where men have a “pot belly,” and women look like they will be pregnant until they die.

I know, because I matched my measurements against measurements I had taken one month previously. During this time period, I had not been exercising, because of a back problem. And, I had been eating beau-coup ice cream and butterscotch syrup! The only thing that had changed was my having the chi machine to use 15 minutes* in the morning and again in the evening.

Note: when I first got a borrowed machine, I used it for 15 minutes at a time. Only when I got my own machine, did I get the instructions, which say that BEGINNERS SHOULD USE IT FOR 2 OR 3 MINUTES, at first, and then work up to 15. So, probably, I got such fast results from “jumping right in.”

Another note: I have been exercising fairly regularly since January, 1998. Rather than losing weight, I gained both weight and inches. Depressing! I guess I must now have muscles AND fat! Consequently, I could not wear my business suits. Nor could I afford a new wardrobe. So, this loss of inches is a real blessing, even though I think I weigh the same number of pounds.

But, I didn’t buy this machine for weight loss. I bought it to help me with the excruciation back pain that I had from osteoarthritis (caused not only by “old age,” but by old injuries to my back – such as the time I started an avalanche in the Rocky Mountains, or was bucked off a horse, or was in a car wreck, or fell off a trampoline onto my head while attempting a back flip, etc.)

A x-ray of my back showed osteoporosis (probably created or worsened by my having smoked cigarettes for many years), arthritis, and bone spurs from the injuries. The arthritis literally was dislocating my ribs! And, now one hip is much lower than the other. I was a hurtin’ buckaroo! It felt like my back was on fire all the time, and I could hardly get to sleep, much less stay asleep at night because of it. After ONE WEEK of using this chi machine, I certainly am not completely cured, buy I am ALMOST PAIN FREE!

I had experienced acupuncture, cranio-sacral therapy, deep connective tissue therapy, Reiki, Kahuna healing, chiropractic, and massage. Everything helped a lot, but then the pain returned. We didn’t know why until we saw the x-ray. It was the machine that worked out the crooked ridges in my back and reduced the pain. The person who massages my back with peanut oil can see the differences clearly.

What else?

  • The varicose vein in my ankle is receding and is far less visible.
  • The bone spur on my foot is receding. Every day I see a difference, and often I am pain free.
  • My vision is improving and my range of peripheral vision is greatly increased. I know this because of an exercise I tried, which I can do far better than I could just a few days ago.
  • My thoughts are clearer – (finally got some oxygen to the brain!)
  • My complexion is clearer, and I’m losing the appearance of having “jowls.”
  • My neck is much more flexible (it had suffered considerable damage and now is quite mobile with much less pain)
  • The area where I had oral surgery is healing at a much faster rate.
  • It is helping me with lymph drainage.
  • A healer who had worked on me a couple of months before I got the chi machine was amazed at how much clearer and healthier my energy field is. It is helping me cleanse and clear not only body, but mind, spirit, and emotions.
  • Internal (digestive) organs, heart, lungs and immune system feel stronger and clearer.

I’m sure this is only the beginning. A chiropractor asked me whether I would continue to use the machine, now that I have comparatively little pain. I told her “I will use this thing as long as there is electricity!” The literature states that 15 minutes of using the chi machine is about equivalent to 90 minutes of walking, in terms of body oxygenation. All I know is IT WORKS!

The last thing I ever wanted to be (other than a secretary) is part of a multi-level marketing operation. But, I literally believe it can benefit almost every person and can save the lives of some! So, I now am a distributor. The machine is not cheap. But, it is the equivalent of the less expensive exercise equipment seen on television – or the price of the spa I joined and then went to about three times – or the price I pay for vitamins and supplements every 2 months! To me, it can cure the incurable and, therefore, is worth much more than I paid for it. And, it’s a one-time expense!

- Rev. Nancy Wyatt

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