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Kiko Ellsworth Well Known Actor ,Soap Opera Star, and Producer

Kiko Ellsworth Well Known Actor ,Soap Opera Star, and ProducerKiko Ellsworth Well Known Actor ,Soap Opera Star, and Producer, starring in the 2010 release of “Tekken”, Model USA, People Magazine “25 Hottest Bachelors” June 2003 after the popular video game, uses the Chi Machine daily, due to chronic backpain:
“I had chronic low back pain for years from two car accidents in which I was rear ended. The first time I used the Chi  Machine, my pain disappeared! Now I use my Chi Machine daily, once in the morning and once at night. It keeps my back strong and pain free. I’ve also discovered that I’m more energized, I feel great emotionally, and I’m more focused in my work and at home.”

The Chi Machine loosens the muscles around the spinal column giving relief from pain and discomfort.