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Solomon Haumono Heavy Weight Boxer-Professional Rugby Player

Solomon Haumono

World Class Athlete,

Solomon Haumonos and the Chi MachineName: Solomon HaumonoAlias: SoloBorn: 1975-10-13 (Age:34)Birthplace: Auckland, New ZealandNationality: AustralianHometown: Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaBoxing Record: clickStance: OrthodoxHeight: 6′ 2″   /   188cmReach: 74″   /   188cmTrainer: Johnny Lewis


Solomon Haumono, Australia

Solomon Haumono, heavyweight boxer and Australian rugby league star athlete, declares that he incorporates eight minute Chi Machine sessions before and after every daily training workout. The interview with Solomon Haumono was published by The Daily Telegraph on 27th December, 2001.