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The Goldfish Motion…

The Goldfish Motion

Dr. Shizuo Inoue and Founder, Chairman of HTE Gorden C.H.  PanDr. Shizuo Inoue worked along-side other researchers in developing an easily portable device that was able to duplicate the gentle “figure 8″, motion that a fish makes in the water. this motion also provides humans with a gentle message.

Now a legendary anecdote in the industry, the history behind Dr. Inoue and how he observed a goldfish, and it’s free-swimming motion, while stationary, in a steady and relaxed form of oxygenation, that began the Chi Machine which has sold over 1,000,000 units. How a fish gets oxygenated is when there is a combination of rhythmic muscle contractions that stimulate the autonomic nerves in the spinal column. This type of oxygenation applies to 4 legged animals and to men and women as well. When Dr. Inoue and his team further studied this phenomenon, they realized that there was a particular rate of oscillation in a well-defined range of motion that had to be obtained for optimal oxygenation of the human body, just as the human body has it’s own unique frequency ranges. 

The Chi Machine was granted a Japanese medical patent for this specific theory and research. This convenient, portable machine that was the size of typewriter eventually evolved from this research. Dr. Inoue used his 38 years of experience and expertise, along with significant clinical research and tested this on a large group of human subjects. This, in turn, created a unique product that required  narrowly defined specifications across the entire machine, including machine height, the speed, degree of side-to-side movement, the angle of that movement, and especially the unique fish-like movement of the entire body.  

And now we have the Original Chi Machine. The Founder, Mr. Pan is considered the first and only businessman that has distributed this product on a world-wide basis and with exclusive distribution rights from the manufacturer. The Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine carries multiple patents. There are other products that have also been created by HTE that support health and wellness. There are also several nutritional products that are designed to enhance and support the Original Chi Machine and the Far Infrared Hothouse.

Note: Some of the information in the HTE Story and Overview was extracted from“Aerobic Respiration Exercise and Health” by Dr. Shizuo Inoue.